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Bailiffs and debt

Bailiffs recover money that people owe their clients. They will ask for a secure method of payment – cash, debit or credit card. If a bailiff visits your home, you will also have to pay a fee which is set at different rates depending on the type of debt and the court that has authorized the bailiff to recover the debt from you. Bailiffs do not generally have the right to force entry into your home. However, they can gain ‘peaceful entry’ if you let them in, or they enter through a closed but unlocked door or open window. Also, once bailiffs have gained peaceful entry to your home they can return another time and use force to get in on that occasion. If you cannot repay the debt they may be able to take your belongings and sell them at auction to pay off your debt.

The law on bailiffs is very complicated and the rules depend on the type of debt you owe and who it is owed to. If you are having problems paying a fine or other debt it is always important to try to negotiate and to get specialist advice. At most stages of the debt recovery process there are opportunities to sort the problem out before a court or bailiff gets involved.


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