Find out what debt help is available:

  • Find the right debt solution
  • Lower debt repayments
  • Stop pressure from lenders
  • Clear unsecured debts for good
  • Have just one low monthly payment
  • No need for a loan
  • Reduce debt with UK legislation
  • Reduce Your Debts By Up To: 70%

Debt reduction

If you are in debt you may have a lot of outgoings each month to different creditors. A Debt Management Plan can help you reduce your monthly payments to creditors. This is how it works: Debt management is a system to help those in debt become debt free. Our Debt Management Plan means all your debts are consolidated into one affordable, monthly payment (without the need for another loan!) and we relieve the stress of dealing with your creditors. Benefits:

  • One, affordable monthly payment – living expenses (mortgage, phone, food, etc.) are removed from your income so you only pay your creditors what you can afford
  • No need for another loan – we don’t consolidate your debts with another loan like some companies. That is the last thing you need! Your provider simply negotiates with your creditors and agree to pay them what you can afford
  • They deal with your creditors – relieve the stress of dealing with lots of different creditors. You pay one monthly payment and your provider distributes this amongst your creditors
  • Lower interest / payments – whilst in a Debt Management Plan creditors will normally reduce or freeze interest
  • Become debt free – if a structured Debt Management Plan is followed you will become debt free
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