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Get out of debt

Anyone who has pushed their credit card to the limit on a holiday and then found themselves still paying for it long after the suntan has gone knows how it feels to be in debt.

Some people learn their lesson, and don’t let it happen again. But to people who have pushed six cards to the limit, and taken out personal loans, the prospect of getting out of debt is more doubtful. As final demands, and even court summons’ hit the doormat, that doubt can escalate to despair and depression.In such circumstance it is advisable to consider a Debt Management plan to help get out of debt and clear the way to a debt free future.

Debt Management is a system to help those who owe money to numerous creditors. Sometimes the amount they owe can even exceed their income, but done properly, Debt Management can help a person reduce their repayments to creditors.

A Debt Management Plan is so simple. It can reduce your repayments, take the stress of dealing with your creditors away and can stop them from taking legal action against you.

The plan centres around a single payment scheme. This means clients pay a fixed fee once a month, and their provider shares it out among their creditors, thereby consolidating the debt into one manageable repayment.

But as well as consolidating it, they can reduce the interest too – the fact that your creditors know you have a debt management company working on your behalf means that they will often co-operate with your provider to lower or freeze your interest rates. In almost all cases you can reduce the total amount you pay each month by up to 75%.

One of the things that causes the most distress to people struggling with debt is the repeated telephone calls and letters from creditors. From the moment you sign up, your provider will take over all communication with them to stop you freezing with fear when the telephone rings.

The fee you pay is based on your income and expenditure. Vital living expenses including your mortgage, phone and food are removed from your income so you only pay what you can afford every month.

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