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  • Reduce Your Debts By Up To: 70%

Debt Management Plans

Debt Management is a system to help those in debt become debt free. If a person is in debt they probably owe money to numerous creditors. Sometimes the amount they owe can even exceed their income. A debt management plan can help a person reduce their repayments to creditors by spreading them over a period of time.

A Debt Management Plan is a simple, systematic way of dealing with your debts. Not only can it reduce your repayments but is also takes the stress of dealing with your creditors away and can stop them from taking legal action against you.

Most providers operate a ‘single payment’ plan whereby clients pay a single, monthly fee and the provider then distributes this between each of their creditors. This means all your debts are consolidated into one single, affordable payment. Not only are they consolidated into one monthly payment, in almost all cases you can reduce the total amount you pay each month by up to 75%. This is due to the fact that your creditors know you have a debt management company working on your behalf and they can work on your behalf to get the creditors to lower or freeze your interest rates.

Also, you no longer have to feel harassed by your creditors; from the day you sign up, your provider will handle all communication with your creditors.

The simple payment you pay is based on your income and expenditure. This means that legitimate living expenses such as mortgage, phone and food are removed from your income so you only pay what you can afford.

What are the benefits of a debt management plan?

  • One, affordable monthly payment – living expenses (mortgage, phone, food, etc.) are removed from your income so you only pay your creditors what you can afford
  • No need for another loan – we don’t consolidate your debts with another loan like some companies. That is the last thing you need! We simply negotiate with your creditors and agree to pay them what you can afford
  • No need to deal with your creditors – relieve the stress of dealing with lots of different creditors. You pay your provider one monthly payment and they distribute this amongst your creditors
  • Lower interest / payments – whilst in a Debt Management Plan creditors will normally reduce or freeze interest
  • Become debt free – if a structured Debt Management Plan is followed you will become debt free

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