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Debt Help

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  • Would you like to be debt free?

The most common way of dealing with a debt problem is to take the ostrich approach – just bury your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening rather than face up to the facts.

Millions of people in the UK are thousands and thousands of pounds in debt, and that figure increases every month as lenders tot up the interest that they are accruing on a loan.

The stress caused by coping with debt is one of the leading causes of divorce, suicide and family violence. We offer debt help. A Debt Management system aims to put an end to the misery and enable people to become debt free.

The system operates by taking over each of our clients’ financial worries and reorganising their accounts, taking one monthly payment off them to gradually settle all their outstanding debts.

When someone has a debt problem that is causing them concern, the chances are that they owe money to a number of different creditors and are struggling to meet the minimum monthly repayments on each account. As a direct consequence, that person finds themselves on the receiving end of increasingly distressing telephone calls and letters, and eventually can be served a default notice demanding immediate payment of the outstanding balance, or threatening court action.

That is where we can help. A single repayment scheme means you’ll be able to speak to advisors to work out what you can reasonably afford to pay out each month, once the necessary expenses of mortgage, phone bills and food have been deducted.

Every month, you will pay a single fee, and then forget about it while your provider does the rest. In return, they will speak to your creditors on your behalf to eliminate the stress of dealing with debt collectors. They will distribute the money you give between each of your creditors. In addition, they will contact your creditors and will try to negotiate lower, or frozen, interest rates to help pay the outstanding balance off more quickly. This can reduce the total amount you pay every month by up to 75%.

The benefits speak for themselves. First of all there is no need to take out another loan to try and pay your existing loans, thus getting deeper into the debt hole. Your living expenses are deducted from your income before your repayment amount is established so you know you can afford the monthly payment without struggling. There are lower interest rates and payments, usually something that only a Debt Management team can organise, and from the day you sign up, you need never deal with the creditors again.

For debt management help and quality, confidential debt advice and credit counselling, click the button, complete the form, and send it to us. The sooner you act, the sooner you can start enjoying a happier family lifestyle.

Debt Management Help

Debt Management is a system to help those in debt become debt free. A Debt Management Plan is a simple, systematic way of dealing with your debts. All your debts are consolidated into one simple, monthly fee which you pay to your plan provider. They then distribute this to your creditors. In almost all cases they can negotiate with your creditors to lower, or even freeze, interest rates.

This can mean a reduction of up to 75% on your monthly repayments. Your provider also take over all communication with your creditors in order to help relieve the stress of debt.

Debt Consolidation Help

If you make monthly repayments to multiple creditors, one option is to apply for a debt consolidation loan. The principle behind this is that you borrow a large, lump sum to repay your creditors and are then left with one creditor and one monthly repayment. The idea is that the repayments on this single, larger loan will be lower than the sum you are currently paying. It works very well if you can easily afford the repayments and are just looking for a way to simplify things and bring down the interest rates.

However, there are many people that struggle to meet the repayments each month. Some of these even find that their outgoings each month exceed their income. For these people, a debt consolidation loan will not actually get them out of debt. In cases like this a debt management plan may be more suitable. This will also consolidate all your repayments into a simple monthly payment but it does not involve taking out another loan and, if followed, it will actually help you become debt free.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement – IVA Help

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a formal agreement between a person and their creditors. If a person cannot make their repayments in full but are able to pay something each month then an IVA proposal can be established. This proposal sets out exactly what the person will pay their creditors each month.

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